Previously when I was working as an online tutor, I was worried about my career and faced a lot of challenges in switching job. While few of my colleagues started working as content developers/writers, I thought why not me! So, I started browsing few of the coaching institutes so that I can take up a course on content writing and enhance my skills on that. After few days, I somehow came across tech total and the reviews got my eye! I reached out to Shravan sir and explained my challenges. He suggested me to take this course on instructional design which completely changed my career. Since I worked as an online tutor, instructional designing is the best course that I can opt. Later on, I started to have sessions with either Shravan sir, Sunila mam, or Murali sir on the concepts of ID, which was totally engaging. Now, I work as an instructional designer, and this wouldn’t have been possible without these people. Finally, if you have any queries, or not sure of choosing your career path, please reach out to Tech Total…because these people are the best!