Hi. I’m Manasaa Balaji from Bangalore. Being passionate towards writing, I wanted to make it as my career, with a touch of technology. I figured Technical Writing would be the best choice and landed up with Tech Total Soft Systems after extensive search. People who did certificate courses with Tech Total have given good reviews about it. This is what pushed me to enroll with Tech Total. True to the reviews, I had very good learning experience throughout my learning period. I had classes face-to-face and through online as well. But, in online classes as well I always felt connected with the tutor on the other side of the call. It was as if he was virtually present and as effective as his actual presence would have been. So, don’t worry how effective online/skype classes would turn out to be! All the tutors were very friendly, very ,much open to all the queries and eager to explain them at any cost. Firstly, they make us feel free, an important aspect. Syllabus is well structured and whatever is expected by the Industry standards, all of them are covered in the syllabus, as theory and practical (software tools) classes. More importantly, by the end of course, they also help you get placed by opening many companies to you. I got a job very soon after I joined. What else do you want? Well structured course? Yes! Qualified, friendly and supportive faculty team? Yes! Well equipped learning centre? Yes! Support? Yes!! Job? A big YES!!! Go for it!! All the best!!