I would like to share my experience in selecting Software Technical writing course at TECHTOTAL INSTITUTE.

Before joining Software Technical writing course, I had many thoughts in my mind that whether to join or not?
Will it be worth enough?
Will I be getting a job?
Will it be useful for me as I have done Mechanical Engineering?

Finally, I called you to get details and to understand about this course. While talking to you I felt that you are very supportive,  kind, helpful. Thank you for guiding me briefly about this course. I felt confident about myself and I finally joined this course.

I have learned tools that I never heard about which are DITA, RoboHelp, FrameMaker. I have improved my skills for tools which I knew MS Word, MS PowerPoint.

It is also a good improvement for me to learn English grammar which is the most important factor for Technical writers to crack the interviews.

Frankly speaking, in between the course duration I started getting interview calls which were quite challenging but again improved my level of confidence.

I have gained the self-confidence to accept challenges, strategies to prepare for interviews.

When I didn’t crack a few of the interviews, in the beginning, I called you back and with your guidance and strategies, it was never difficult to achieve my dreams.

Finally, I cracked two interviews at a time with top companies.

I agree failure comes with success. Anyone can achieve success if we put equal to support the way TECH TOTAL TEAM is supporting, guiding, and fulfilling our needs. Thank you very much for always being by the student’s needs side.


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