I was into aviation technical writing. I was interested to change my domain and move into software technical writing, since it provided better career growths and ample job opportunities to choose from.

I decided to attend a proper training course from an institute. My friends referred me TechTotal. They had already completed the software technical writing course and had joined in different companies. Based on their feedback, I enquired about TechTotal as also a few other institutes, who offer this training. I found that TechTotal training was the most cost effective. I attended the training classes initially at the institute. After the pandemic started, rest of the classes I attended from home through zoom links.

Trainers are good, adept in their materials. Theoretical knowledge and tool trainings were both given importance. During the trainings on different topics, emphasis was given on the probable interview questions. Practice tasks were given for every topic. A lot of good youtube videos and learning materials on the related topics were provided for reference. After the course completion, there was a different session on interview tips, resume writing and uploading in jobsites. Sample interview question papers were provided for practice.

After attending some interviews, in this pandemic situation, I got job offers from Clean Harbors in Hyderabad and Infosys Bangalore. In between I continued to get help and advice from TechTotal whenever needed.

THANK YOU TechTotal!!! I would definitely recommend the course to persons from various job backgrounds to take up this course since the opportunities are plenty!

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