After having worked in Education domain and not able to do the same for few years, I was longing to kick start my career. Then, started the ‘C’ times and the offices and workspaces are now remote. As I had educational background in IT, I tried to freelance. My sister who already is in technical writing, suggested me of TechTotal Soft Systems. The course I must say is excellent, comprehensive, and introduces to all fronts of technical writing concepts and tools. After the learning experience and practically creating documents for assignments, I started applying to various openings. My confidence to attend interviews increased in a very few days, as there was so much of motivation and guidance from the TechTotal team specially to clear the interviews. I would now suggest TechTotal to everyone who is new to IT or trying to start somewhere after a career break and I believe that – ‘TechTotal brings the best in you ‘. Thanks a lot to Mr Shravan and the whole TechTotal Team for the support and guidance.

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