CNN survey of 50 TOP JOBS concluded that Technical Writing is one of the best jobs in America today— 28th best job, to be exact.

What’s more than that, the CNN survey also concluded that, in terms of “Quality of Life” and low-stress working conditions, Technical Writing ranks 5th in the USA.

"Technical Writing is one of the Best Jobs in America today" (CNN)

“Technical Writing is one of the Best Jobs in America today” (CNN)

Technical Writers make a median of $67,400 a year, with a top average salary of $99,600, according to CNN.

The number of technical writing jobs in the USA (currently 84,000) is expected to increase by 20% in the 2006-2016 period.

So it seems like we’re up and running towards a hopeful future. Once this recession is over I’m sure things will look much better for all technical communicators as the new expansion and the pent-up demand for all kinds of products and services will  whip up the demand for communication, information design and documentation to new levels.

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