Location : Bangalore

Interact with SMEs and handle content creation and maintenance of end-user software product docs such as user guides, admin guides, installation guides Review and edit technical documents

Work independently as well as be handle a team of tech writers

Handle basic graphics for documents

Estimate and plan documentation projects, as well as track schedule and takes appropriate action if work falls behind schedule



Excellent writing, organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills
Knowledge and proficiency in any of the tools: Adobe FrameMaker, XML-authoring tools, and MadCap Flare
Understand documentation process and life cycle
Understand project norms and metrics

In Short… 

Tools:  Adobe FrameMaker, XML-authoring tools (XMetaL, oXygen), and MadCap Flare

Skills: Create and maintain various guides and documents (user guides, admin guides, installation guides) for software products

Concepts: DITA, single-sourcing, MSTP guidelines, DDLC

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