Job Description
Title: Quality Assurance Analyst
Department: Epicor University

Job summary
Summary of essential job functions. The Quality Assurance Analyst position requires exceptional attention to detail to ensure that
all engagement content is accurate, consistent and error free. They will be responsible for the material’s adherence to Epicor best
practices in language, style and imagery. The majority of time will be spent hands-on, manually testing those tools with a wide
variety of platforms and industry verticals.
The Quality Assurance Analyst should clearly understand the organizational objectives and their target audience. Complete review
of the content demands inclusion of various software options that allow for customer keystroke errors, variable settings and
multiple screen displays. Familiarity with Point of Sale or Accounting software is advantageous.
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills will be mandatory and a background in the identification, debugging and reporting of
errors is a plus. Documentation of quality assurance procedures will also be developed by the Quality Assurance Analyst. Superior
written communication is required for this purpose. This role also requires a keen understanding of the desired customer
experience. Providing feedback from the customers’ perspective will be critical information for the content development team.

On a day to day basis, the Quality Assurance Analyst Developer will:
 Test engagement content for enterprise SaaS products and supporting mobile applications
 Utilize existing material and additional research to ensure content accuracy
 Manage and document their activity for all deliverables across various products
 Edit and proofread content
 Escalate significant risks or issues to management

Minimum Requirements
 WalkMe experience is preferred, although not required
 UX background is a plus
 Experience working in a deadline-driven environment with a full workload of competing priorities
 Ability to independently manage several projects simultaneously and operate under tight deadlines
 Excellent communication and writing skills
 A natural excitement and ability to learn technologies and explain technical issues to a variety of audiences
 Demonstrated and proven track record of innovation and problem solving
 Exceptional attention to detail
 Excellent Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel skills

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, English or equivalent with 3-5 years’ work experience in product development.

Additional Requirements
 Walk Me Certification a plus
 Experience with SaaS a plus
 Experience with jQuery a plus

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