Location : Bangalore


1. Create comprehensive documentation for our help site and API docs
2. Develop a deep understanding of the web and mobile products to translate complex
information into easy to digest content
3. Create multimedia content to help our users understand and adopt product features
4. Perform usability testing on features and APIs to document new releases, enhancements and
bug fixes
5. Co-ordinate with the engineering, product, QA, and customer facing teams to gather key
requirements, customer use cases and pain points.
6. Design effective communication to customers for company and product updates across
7. Work to improve the customer experience and response by revising, and re-organizing the help
site and API documentation.


Required Competencies
1. 1-2 years of experience as a Technical Writer or Technical Content Writer.
2. Bachelor’s degree in English, Computer Science, Communications or similar degree.
3. Working knowledge of REST API, Microsoft Office Suite, Postman, Snag IT, Camtasia or other
video editing tools, diagramming tools. Knowledge of WordPress is a plus.
4. Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
5. The ability to take ownership of work, as well as work alongside multiple teams.


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