SRM Group | Green Pearl Education Management Corporation (GPEMC)

Job Title: Instructional Designers

Location: Bangalore.


Position Objective


This position will be responsible for leading Instructional design within Green Pearl Education Management Corporation Pvt Ltd (GPEMC) – a SRM Group company.

Job profile

Instructional designer who is ideas-driven, and passionate about making learning an invigorating and empowering experience. Instructional designers are expected to work with subject matter experts, a diverse range of formats, and multimedia production platforms.

Other responsibilities include developing objectives, rewriting and reshaping content, and developing assessments.

Instructional Designer is an education professional whose job is to identify the performance, skills, knowledge, information and attitude gaps of a targeted audience and create, select and/or suggest learning experiences to fill this gap.Instructional Designer should preparean interesting, eye-catching introduction.


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Create engaging learning activities and compelling course content
  • Work with subject matter experts to identify target audience’s training needs
  • Set instructional end goals and create content that matches them
  • Visualize instructional graphics, the user interface and the finished product
  • Analyze and apply trends and best practices in learning technologies and instructional design.
  • Provide exercises and activities that enhance the learning process.
  • Create supporting material/media (audio, video, simulations, role plays, games etc)
  • Devise modes of assessment, such as tests or quizzes, to measure the effectiveness of the course
  • Maintain project documentation and course folders
  • Working with SMEs to determine what is to be learned.
  • Ensuring content matches established objectives.
  • Reshaping content for changing needs.
  • Structuring content and activities for optimizing learning.
  • Choosing correct format for delivery of particular content
  • Creating and testing multimedia.
  • Courses and curriculum mapping
  • Creating student guides and training manuals.
  • Conducting any research required


Job requirements and qualifications

  • Degree in instructional design, educational technology or similar relevant field will be an advantage but not mandatory.
  • Previous working experience in instructional design
  • In-depth knowledge of learning theories and instructional design models
  • Lesson and curriculum planning skills
  • Ability to write effective copy, instructional text, audio and video scripts
  • Creative mind and skills
  • Exposure to rapid publishing tools like storyline, captivate etc will be a huge advantage.
  • Ability to handle multiple subjects
  • Excellent language skills

The above role description is an indicative expectation of the performance; any additional tasks / accountability may be combined or modified to ensure achievement of role objectives

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