Apposite Learning Solutions – Open Positions

Job Descriptions

1. Instructional Designer – Hyderabad/Remote

Role Description
As an instructional designer, you will be responsible for the design and development of effective learning solutions. You will need to analyze and identify learning needs, and design and develop learning
solutions in a variety of delivery modes (e.g., instructor-led training, E-Learning, etc.).

Key Responsibilities
 Understand client requirements and propose learning solutions to meet the requirements.
 Systematically analyze, design, develop, and test/revise the learning solutions.
 Create course/curriculum outlines and design documents based on client requirements.
 Develop content/storyboard for ILT and E-Learning courses based on design documents.
 Ensure that learning solutions are effective and help achieve the established terminal objectives.
 Perform quality assurance reviews of learning content.
 Develop assessment items to test learning objectives.
 Suggest multimedia assets that include audio, videos, and graphics.
 Create classroom training, e-learning, assessments, tablet-based learning on Microsoft technologies.

 Graduation in any discipline

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