Training Name: Technical Writing Training

Training Duration: 2 days

Course Objective:

  • Increase participant’s Knowledge, Skill and Attitude towards technical writing
  • Increase the effectiveness in writing and presenting the technical documents.
  • Write easy to read, clear, concise and presentable documents.
  • Write grammatically correct sentences.

Training Methodology: Instructor Led Training or Virtual Instructor led Training (VILT). To engage learners we will conduct activities (Question and Answers).

No. Topic Sub Topics
1. Introduction to Technical Writing ·         What is Technical Writing?

·         Role of a Technical writer

·         Importance of proper documentation

·         Disadvantages of improper documentation.

·         Skills required to  write Technical documents

·         Return on Investment (ROI)

·         Different types of Technical Documents

·         Tip of iceberg

·         Technical Writing as career

2. Document Development Life Cycle-I

( Writing Process)

·         Requirement Analysis

·         Documentation Planning

·         Audience Analysis

·         Product Analysis

·         SME Interview Skills

·         Information Gathering

3. Document Development Life Cycle-II

( Writing Process)

·         Outline / Template creation

·         Content Drafting

·         Reviewing

·         Self-reviews

·         Peer-Peer reviews

·         SME-reviews

·         Reviewing and proofreading tips

·         Publishing and Maintenance

4. Presentation techniques and best practices in MS Word ·         Practically creating different elements in a professional document.

·         Cover pages, Styles, Table of contents, Table of Figures, Index etc.

·         Cross references, navigations and its importance

·         Reviewing methodology in MS Word

·         Working with Tables, Shapes, Callouts and SmartArt

·         Creating presentable and readable documents

·         Documenting quickly and smartly to save time

·         Making MS Word to check more grammar corrections

·         Checking readability index in MS Word

5. Types of Technical Documents and Purpose/Approach ·         End-user documents

·         Technical Documents

·         Marketing or B2B Documents

6. Grammar- 1

( Recall the basic Grammar)


·         Parts of speech

·         Articles

·         Prepositions

·         Conjunctions

·         Tenses

·         Capitalization

7. Grammar -2

( Advance Grammar)

·         Noun forms or Verb Forms

·         Types of Sentences and clauses

·         Punctuations

  • Period
  • Commas
  • Colons
  • Semicolons
  • Hyphens

·         Personal Pronouns ( First/Second/Third Person)

·         Subject Verb agreement

·         Grammar Quizzes

8. Writing Skills-1

( Writing guidelines)

·         Writing concisely and in plain English

·         Removing clutter from writing

·         Structuring your sentences for easy reading

·         Constructing paragraphs

·         Using the appropriate level of technical jargon

·         Using the simplest words and expressions possible

·         Avoid redundancy

·         Avoid negative words

·         Avoid contractions

·         Avoid There is /There are

·         Active vs. Passive Voice

·         Parallelism

·         Avoiding slangs/ jargons while writing documents

·         Colloquial Words

·         Use positive language

·         Tone and Rhetoric

·         Choose words appropriate for the reader

·         Avoid redundancy

·         Eliminate personal Opinions

·         Formal vs. Casual language

9. Writing Skills-2

( Style guides)

·         Using Modifiers Clearly and Carefully

·         Verb moods  (imperative, Indicative and Subjunctive)

·         American vs. European English Words/ Spellings

·         Fragments and run-ons

·         Frequently-confused-words

·         Affect vs. Effect

·         Its vs. It’s

·         Stationary vs. Stationery

·         Would/Could/Will/Shall

·         Style guides

·         Microsoft style guide for software documents

o    Writing steps, dates, procedures

o    Writing GUI elements

·         Creating company style guide

10. Writing Skills-3

(Writing and Presentation Skills)

·         Information Mapping Principles

·         7 rules for writing and presenting the information

·         A research-based method used to analyse, organize and present information based on your audience’s needs and the purpose of the information.

11. Presentation techniques and best practices in MS PowerPoint ·         Engaging business and training presentations

·         Slide Master and Design ideas

·         Interactive Options and Advanced navigation techniques

·         Animations and Transitions

·         Publishing

·         Best practices in creating projector based and desktop based presentations

·         E-learning Tutorials in PowerPoint

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